Date Document
20/12/2019 Mardie Project Update
20/12/2019 Change of Director's Interest Notice - A. Vorster
20/12/2019 Appendix 3B
27/11/2019 Results of Annual General Meeting
27/11/2019 Corporate Presentation
27/11/2019 AGM - Chairman's Introduction
28/10/2019 Quarterly Activities Report
25/10/2019 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
25/10/2019 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
25/10/2019 Annual Report
25/10/2019 Updated Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves
30/09/2019 Corporate Presentation
16/09/2019 Notice of initial substantial holder from SNC
02/09/2019 Change of Director's Interest Notice - B. O'Donnell
29/08/2019 Change of Director's Interest Notice - A. Vorster
29/08/2019 Appendix 3B
26/08/2019 Strong FY19 Result Positions BCI for Mardie FID
26/08/2019 Appendix 4E and FY19 Annual Financial Report
19/08/2019 Change of Registered Office
23/07/2019 Quarterly Activities Report
01/07/2019 Mardie Advances to NAIF Funding Due Diligence Stage
14/06/2019 Iron Valley Earnings Update
20/05/2019 Corporate Presentation
17/05/2019 PFS Optimisation Study Enhances Mardie Project
02/05/2019 Change in Substantial Holding from SVW
02/05/2019 Change in substantial holding
15/04/2019 Quarterly Activities Report
21/03/2019 Corporate Presentation
18/03/2019 GR Engineering Appointed as Mardie Lead Engineer
22/02/2019 Strong Half-Year Financial Results
22/02/2019 Half-Year Financial Report and Appendix 4D
29/01/2019 Corporate Presentation
29/01/2019 Quarterly Activities Report
08/01/2019 Executive Appointment and Remuneration Changes